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What Is A Pinterest Group Board?

A Pinterest group board is a board that has been created by one person, and then collaborators are added to the board so that they can add content to the Pinterest board too.

It is said that Pinterest created this type of board to enable people to collaborate on things like planning a wedding, redecorating a home and other creative, collaborative projects.

How Do Group Boards Work?

Group boards work by sharing the content of all contributors to the board creator’s audience.

So, lets take this an as example:

I create a board called How To Bake A Queen Victoria Cake.

I might have some family members and friends that quite like to make Queen Victoria cakes, and they may all have different recipes that they use.

I would invite those friends and family members to join my ‘How To Bake A Queen Victoria Cake’ board.

They could then upload photos of Queen Vic cakes they’ve made or save recipe blog posts to that board, and we could all view and click through, testing out each others recipe suggestions on how to bake a Queen Vic cake.

With comments, we could even comment on each others uploaded photos too and really have a discussion about Queen Vic cakes.

The problem is of course that bloggers saw the potential in this of increasing the reach of their blog posts, to get more traffic from Pinterest.

How Do Group Boards Increase Your Reach?

Whilst me, my friends and family members are enjoying this Pinterest board of Queen Vic cake-making shenanigans, anyone following me (the board creator) can also see these images and pinned recipes in their following tab.

So, lets say I have 5000 followers. The images and blog posts added to my Queen Vic board by my friends and family will have the potential to be seen by my 5000 followers.


My Gran (no longer on Earth but LOVED a Queen Vic cake) who maybe only had three people following her Pinterest account, could now have her photos seen by her 3 followers and my 5000 followers.

And if only 2% of those 5003 people saved the posts my Gran added? Suddenly, her photos has been saved by 100 people, and that can then be shown to the audiences of those 100 people. Perhaps, one persons out of that 100 has an audience of 150k… my Gran’s photo of her little home made Queen Victoria cake can now be seen by up to 150k new people, literally spreading out like a crazy cake virus!

This my friends is why bloggers who wanted to increase their website traffic started using group boards to increase the reach of their blog content. It was a great way to get seen by more people, get more saves and of course, more clicks.

To be fair, I too have joined group boards for my main blog The Creative Curator, having been told in my early Pinterest days that it was the way to grow an account.

In fact I’m part of one group board that has 15 collaborators and currently has over 970k followers, yet this board is not helping my content be seen, and I now only use it to loop my best pins to. If it doesn’t pick up in the next 3 months of looping, I’ll remove myself from it, like I have done for most other group boards I was part of.

Should You Join Group Boards?

I feel that this is something you should test out. All my clients have at least one group board that they have joined – either before or after I started managing their accounts.

The Pinterest group boards are always the board with least engagement – this you can view in Tailwind analytics if you have a Tailwind account. (Check out this post if you want to set up a Tailwind account!) 

IF the group board has a small number of collaborators aka contributors and the content is clearly fitting with the group board topic or niche, then Pinterest group boards can still be valuable to you. If it’s more of a free for all / add anything group board, with hundreds of contributors, I’d skip it.

And remember, you don’t need thousands of followers to join a group board. But you do need persistence, because not all group board owners will respond to you!

Any Questions About Group Boards?

If you have any questions about how a group board could help a small business owner on Pinterest, let me know in the comments below!


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