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What Is A Newsletter Used For?

What Is A Newsletter Used For?

Last week we started this email newsletter series by looking at the best free newsletter services available to small business owners on a budget. Today, we’re going to look at just what a newsletter is used for.

Newsletters. We all get them in our email inbox. Usually on a daily basis. And oftentimes we swipe to the left and delete without reading. So, what is a newsletter used for, and can it actually help you grow your small business?

What Is The Purpose Of A Newsletter?

The purpose of a newsletter is to help you build a relationship with your email list.

The people that sign up for your email list may have done so for a discount in your shop, they may have been sent your way by a friend or family member, or they may have simply stumbled upon your site and signed up when your newsletter pop up struck as they were moving to click away.

As they are not your friends or family, they are unlikely to know much about you or your business, and this is what a newsletter can be used for.

Why A Newsletter Is Important

A newsletter is important in your small business by helping you to maintain a relationship with your email subscribers. I have several emails that I look forward to receiving each week, and if they run a day late – sometimes life does get in the way – I am always disappointed and wondering what might have happened.

One of my favourites is from Michelle over at My Outsourced Marketing Team. She always has super useful and inspiring emails each week, which help me to stay on track with my various businesses.

That is why a newsletter is important – it builds that trust and familiarity with a person and they are then more likely to stay on your list, and do business with you!

Your Newsletter Objectives

In order to have a successful newsletter for your email subscribers you really need to think about your newsletter objectives.

Are you sending the email to:

  1. Build a relationship?
  2. Sell products or services?
  3. Inspire people to take action?
  4. Teach something valuable?

Knowing the reason behind your newsletter is important in creating a newsletter that gets the results you desire, otherwise what is the point in using email marketing for your small business?

Talking of email marketing. The next post in this email newsletter series is about the importance of email marketing for business. We may have covered what a newsletter is used for, but email marketing for business is about much more than a weekly newsletter.

Pop back next week for that instalment!


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