Eve Tokens - Pinterest Marketing Pro for female small business owners

You’ve heard that Pinterest is a great way to get free organic traffic to your website. You know that it will benefit your small business to have a Pinterest strategy in place. But you also know that you just don’t have the time to learn this new skill, or implement my Bootcamp Pinterest strategy yourself.

My Pinterest management service will bring organic (read free!) traffic to your website, on a consistent basis. And you can use the time you save from managing it yourself, to focus on other important areas of your business.

My Pinterest strategy is designed to keep your website content visible on Pinterest. I optimise your Pinterest account and all your Pinterest images with Pinterest SEO, so that they can be found in search more easily. This opens up opportunities to be discovered by new Pinterest users day after day. And all for free.

My method also makes it more likely that your Pinterest content will show up in Google search results too, providing you with even greater organic traffic results.

If you’d like to book a call to discuss whether my monthly Pinterest Management service is right for you, you can do so below.



  • Daily pinning on your account of both curated and created content
  • Guidance on content that is doing well, and suggestions of content that could be added for greater reach
  • Tribe applications and maintenance for greater growth
  • Ongoing board management - created and SEO optimised - to reach your target audience
  • Optimized Pinterest profile for greater visibility
  • In-depth Pinterest SEO research to further extend your Pinterest marketing
  • Competitor research for an even greater reach on Pinterest
  • Active pinning during key seasonal and trending periods for greater traffic boost
  • Monthly statistics report via email
  • Tailwind cost is an extra $15 per month


My Pinterest management service is currently priced at £350 per month for management only.

For clients interested in running promoted pins (currently only available for accounts in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and France) - this is an optional extra that can also be discussed.

I do have a minimum booking of three months for each new client - this is because Pinterest SEO is a long game, and although you will often see an immediate benefit from a Pinterest marketing strategy, it can take up to three months for Pinterest to start showing a return on your investment.