Recommended Resources To Build Your Small or Online Business

This resources page is a curated list of tools, services and products that I have tried, tested, used and recommend for anyone looking to build their small or online business. I ONLY recommend products that I have paid for and seen improve my business - if it isn't on this resources page, it doesn't mean it isn't suitable, I just haven't seen results with it.


If you click a link or image, and at some point make a purchase, I may receive a commission for referring you. This commission doesn't cost you anything more. In fact, sometimes there are additional trial periods for anyone using my links. 

I only recommend the companies and products that I have used and believe in, that I believe would be helpful to you, the small or online business owner.

Resources: Pinterest Scheduler

There are very few Pinterest schedulers that I love and trust when it comes to managing my various Pinterest accounts, and those of my clients.

In fact, there is only one scheduling tool that I recommend and that is Tailwind.

You can grab a free month when you sign up for a paid plan using my link - plenty of time to learn how to use Tailwind to save you time with your Pinterest marketing.

Resources: Web Hosting

I have only used three companies for web hosting in my entire online life. And there is only one that I recommend to anyone who asks. SiteGround. I switched my main website across after a number of years with a competitor and I haven't looked back. SiteGround even helped me several times - and speedily - with queries I had transferring my site over. I hope to never leave them!

If you are new to online, I recommend their Start Up plan. This will cover you for up to 10,000 monthly page views.

If you have been online for a while, and have some traffic, or maybe you want to have more than website hosted, their Grow Big plan would be great. This allows you up to 25,000 monthly visitors at 

Finally, there is the Go Geek plan, which is fab up to 100,000 visitors per month.

Resources: Email Service Provider

As someone who has had both an online and offline business, I have dabbled away with different email service providers over the years. None has come close to ConvertKit.

Using ConvertKit has made my online business so much easier than the email service providers I used before. I can set up wonderful automations and sequences, tag and segment my subscribers so that I am never sending anything that isn't appropriate to them and their needs.

If you are looking to start or grow an email list of trusted subscribers, I highly recommend ConvertKit. (Using this link will get you one month for free!)

Resources: Building Organic Website Traffic With Google

Google Analytics is something I had never really understood the importance of until I started my business The Creative Curator. I'm not even sure when I came to know of it.

What I do know is that Google Analytics helps me to understand what is working to bring in traffic to my website and grow my business. I create monthly reports on the growth of all my websites, and am careful to make sure that I deep dive into all the stats so I really understand what is happening.

Without Google Analytics, I wouldn't be able to truly track what is working on my client's Pinterest accounts. 

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google. 

Google Keyword Planner has made a remarkable difference to the way I create content for my readers on my fashion creation website. As a fashion designer, I know the technical terminology for different sewing and pattern making techniques, but this did not translate into how my readers would be searching for answers on Google. 

Only when I understood and implemented a keyword strategy for better SEO did I start to see better organic growth with search engines. This Google tool is free, and basic, but is a great starting point for your SEO implementation.

Now, Google Search Consol takes some getting used to. I'll probably create some blog posts to better help you understand this tool, as far as I understand and use it anyhow!

Google Search Consol, once properly set up, shows you what you're ranking for in Google search results. It shows you the impressions your content is making, the click through rate, the search terms and your position in Google search results for those terms. 

By watching and analysing the steady growth in my Google Search Consol, I have been able to really optimise my site for organic traffic. This is yet another free tool from Google.

Resources: Selling Products Online

When it comes to hosting the free content, and paid courses, for my subscribers, I am a die-hard Teachable fan. I have used Thinkific, Kajabi, MyCoach (now Podia) and a random deal for another company from AppSumo, and NOTHING has compared to the ease of use and aesthetic design of Teachable.

Even my students - both free and paid - prefer spending time in my courses and membership site on Teachable than they did on Thinkific. 

Teachable has a free plan which I used to grow my student base by offering a free resource library. I then built a course with them, and moved my membership site over from Thinkific too. 

In fact, my Pinterest bootcamps are housed on Teachable, and my soon to launch Pinterest course will be as well. Teachable all the way! 🙂