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Pinterest Search Bar: Proof That Pinterest Is A Search Engine!

Some of you have heard of Pinterest, and that it can help you grow your business’s website traffic.

Many of you have probably read online in Facebook groups or LinkedIn updates that Pinterest is a form of social media that should be included in your social media marketing strategy.

What those people have not been upfront about is this… Pinterest has a search bar and therefore…

Pinterest is a Search Engine!

Yep, truly! Think about it…

What Makes A ‘Social Media Platform’, Social?

Nobody goes to Pinterest to:

  • Get updates on their friends’ lives (Facebook)
  • or read about the business achievements of their colleagues (linkedIn)
  • or share selfies with weird filters in use (Snapchat)
  • or look at pretty pictures of food (Instagram)

Ok, so the last does happen on Pinterest, but those peeps aren’t there for the pretty food pictures, they’re on Pinterest for the food tutorials that the pretty food pictures link to!

And how did they come to find these things on Pinterest?

By Using The Pinterest Search Bar

When you go to google – or any other search engine for that matter – you use the search bar to find what you’re looking for.

This could be for anything:

  1. Reviews of a book somebody mentioned
  2. An article on what a Pinterest account is
  3. How to grow your finger nails without them breaking

The list of search queries you ask the search engine is endless, and all those queries show up as SERPs – search engine result pages. Usually, hundreds of them.

And this is the same for when you use the Pinterest search bar!

Let’s take a closer look…

Using The Pinterest Search Bar

When you log into Pinterest, you’ll be on the homepage which is filled with images that Pinterest thinks might be interesting to you.

Do you want to learn how to use the Pinterest search bar? The Pinterest search bar is similar to the Google search bar, auto populating with suggestions once you start typing.

This ‘feed’ is filled with results based on:

  1. Content you have saved previously
  2. Content you have clicked through on
  3. Searches you have made in the Pinterest search bar
  4. Topics you’ve started following

Pinterest Search Bar: Ideas For You And Trending Ideas

When you place your cursor in the Pinterest search bar, you’ll notice that before you even type anything, Pinterest auto-suggests some ideas you might want to look for, as well as some ‘what’s trending’ search terms.

Placing your cursor into the Pinterest tool bar will enable the auto-populate function, where Pinterest shows you ideas it thinks you may want to search for, as well as the 'trending now' terms that you might want to discover too!

These are based on previous searches and content you have saved previously.

Using The Pinterest Search Bar As It Auto Populates

As none of the suggested searches where what I wanted to search for, I started typing my actual search term: Social media… Look at what happens with just the word ‘social’ entered…

Adding my chosen broad search term into the Pinterest search bar brings up an auto-populating smorgasbord of potential search terms, that people often search for on Pinterest. Pinterest is really trying to narrow down what it is I'm looking for.

As I am researching keywords for a new post from a Pinterest management client, and her niche is social media, I started typing more by adding the ‘m’. This is what Pinterest narrows it down to…

By adding in the start of a second word for my search term, the Pinterest search bar is now showing me slightly more specific ideas relating to social media.

You can see that Pinterest is really trying hard to direct me to where it thinks I might want to go… So, I decided to go with Social Media, as it is a great broad term to start with.

From Pinterest Search Bar To Pinterest Guided Search

You’ve navigated your way to a page of search results on Pinterest, by using the Pinterest search bar. What you’ll now see is something like this…

Using the Pinterest search bar will take you into Pinterest's guided search. This is essentially a page of search results based on your key search term, but with additional search tiles underneath.

This is essentially a page of search results based on your key search term, but with additional search tiles underneath. It is referred to by Pinterest as guided search, and by clicking these tiles, you are now more likely to find that something specific you’re looking for.

Think of it as searching short tail and long tail keywords.

Short Tail Vs Long Tail Keywords

So, in case you’re completely new to anything SEO (search engine optimisation) lets take a very quick sneak peek at what SEO is, as it is highly important when thinking about implementing a Pinterest marketing strategy for your small business.

Search engine optimisation is a way to optimise your website content so that it can be found by search engines and shown to people looking for what you have to offer.

Short Tail Keywords

These are broad search terms, like ‘social media’ which is HUGELY popular having 7.3 billion results on Google, 673K searches per month and a page one of SERPs filled with results that no small business could successfully compete with.

Long Tail Keywords

These are the more refined keywords, that are more targeted such as ‘What are the different types of social media?’ which has 2.1 billion results, but only 320 searches per month and a first page that a small business is still unlikely to rank for, but does have a slightly better chance than the insanely competitive short tail keyword, ‘social media’.

Using Pinterest Guided Search

What happens then when you click on a guided search term? Magic!

Well, sort of! I have long been using the Guided search section as it is rich in information that helps me create optimised Pinterest boards and pin descriptions.

Let’s dive in to the earlier example of Social Media!

Guided Search For Social Media

In the image further up, you can see that there are many guided search tiles underneath the main search term. These are the tiles you click to turn your short tail keyword into something more long tail.

I’m going to click on ‘detox’ as it’s a great time of year for people to start thinking about a social media detox.

Here’s what we now see…

Having used the Pinterest search bar to start our search in Pinterest, we now have access to Pinterest's guided search function, which helps us to further narrow down what it is we are looking for.

Having used the Pinterest search bar to start our search in Pinterest, we now have used Pinterest’s guided search function to further narrow down what it is we are looking for. You can see that the results are vastly different to what Pinterest showed us for the term ‘social media’.

If I were to click on another tile below this – perhaps ‘challenge’ or ‘tips’, I would see a further drilling down of search results.

Using Pinterest Search Bar And Guided Search For Business

You can see then, how this is a really useful built-in tool for small business owners that are wanting to bring in some of that free website traffic from Pinterest!

All you need to do now, is go and experiment with it yourself! Oh, and let me know how you found using the Pinterest search bar, in the comments below!

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