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Pinterest Marketing Course: Should You Invest In One?

A Pinterest marketing course can be a great investment if you are a small business owner. Why?

Well, Pinterest is a great way to get free, organic traffic to your website, and knowing how to get ‘targeted’ traffic from Pinterest is key. It’s not a case of popping an image and a link onto Pinterest – to be successful at marketing your website on Pinterest, you need to be aware of what works and what doesn’t.

This is where a Pinterest marketing course can come in  handy.

Should you invest in Pinterest marketing courses? And what should you be looking for when thinking about a Pinterest course?

Pinterest Marketing Course: How Much Do They Cost?

A Pinterest marketing course can cost anywhere between $39 for an eBook (which isn’t really a Pinterest marketing course) to over £1000 for an intensive small group coaching course, sometimes called a Bootcamp! And then of course, there’s the cost of working 1-2-1 with a Pinterest manager!

There are plenty of Pinterest marketing courses in between these price points of course, so it is essential you think about what you want to get from a Pinterest course, and the time / money investment you’re prepared to make.

Reasons For Taking A Pinterest Marketing Course

You’ll also want to think about why you think you should take a Pinterest marketing course. If it’s to grow your small business or blog, then developing a Pinterest marketing strategy will probably work very well for you, and a course will help you tremendously.

If you’re thinking of becoming a Pinterest VA, taking a course that teaches thorough Pinterest SEO will probably help you too, so that you can really dig in deep and set up accounts for your clients that provide a high ROI for their investment into you.

My Pinterest Marketing Journey

Along my journey to becoming a Pinterest marketing pro I took a lot of Pinterest marketing courses – and read a lot of Pinterest marketing eBooks too for that matter – in order to know all there is to know about Pinterest.

I also watched a gazillion Pinterest webinars, – I could tell you some that were just absolute tosh! – spent hours upon hours inside Pinterest as an actual Pinterest user and studied the analytics areas inside Pinterest, Tailwind and Google Analytics to see what works, what doesn’t work, and all the reasons why!

I applied what I learnt in all the Pinterest marketing courses to see if they worked. I tweaked things to see if that worked better. I did the complete opposite of what was recommended to see if that could be even better for any of my Pinterest accounts. (Seriously, when you read someone telling you not to delete pins, pay attention and DON’T DO IT!!! 😉

And then…

My Pinterest Marketing Course

I created my own Pinterest marketing course. Except mine is a bit different.

Yes, I have a basics Pinterest for beginners course opening up for enrolment soon. THere’s not much different about that, it’s true!

Yet, I also created a Pinterest marketing bootcamp specifically for small business owners that love a bit of detailed analytics.

The reason is that small business owners are often much like me. They:

• Are keen to get started on implementing a system sooner rather than later to maximise their business growth

• Don’t necessarily want to give over control of their marketing plan until they understand it themselves

• Are more concerned with spending money in other areas of their business and learning a Pinterest marketing strategy makes more sense than hiring it out (If this isn’t you, and you’re thinking of just hiring it out, do check out this post for seven reasons why you should outsource your Pinterest management and then this page to see how I can help you!)

How My Pinterest Marketing Course Is Different

You might be wondering ‘well, how is yours any different Eve?’ and I can tell you that easy enough:

  1. I have tried and tested and tweaked everything I teach on my own accounts first.
  2. I then use these tested methods on my clients accounts.
  3. Inside my Bootcamp I work with you. Yep. I am on available in our private Slack community during office hours so that if a question comes up, you get it answered without having to deal with the distraction of a Facebook group. And when I say office hours, I mean daily office hours. When you run into a problem, I’m there working with you, to fix it.
  4. I update the content. Due to being on Pinterest throughout the day for my clients’ accounts, I see things happen as they happen. Which means I can create a new video lesson if an old one becomes outdated, in just moments.
  5. I have used my strategies on my clients accounts. A food photographer teaching online food photography courses. A London based centre teaching in person workshops – with almost zero blog content! You do not have to be a blogger for a Pinterest strategy to work for you!

The Most Important Consideration When Purchasing A Pinterest Marketing Course

The most important consideration if you are seriously considering a Pinterest marketing course or eBook is the frequency of updates.

Pinterest is *always* updating their platform, and only someone who is working inside Pinterest day after day will see the changes, and be able to report back on them speedily.

I am inside Pinterest daily, for my clients accounts and my own, and am always updating my POP bootcamp content to keep it as up to date as it possible can be. Other courses and ebooks may only be updated every 4-6 months, and on a constantly changing platform, that just isn’t good enough.

Joining My ‘Work With Me’ Pinterest Bootcamp

I am currently fine-tuning the live ‘work with me’ Bootcamp, based on feedback from existing boot campers, and will open it again for enrolment on 12th November. If you’d like to hear about this, sign up for my newsletter as a VIP below! You’ll be notified when I open it up to early birds!


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