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Importance Of Email Marketing For Business

Importance Of Email Marketing For Business

This is post no.3 in my newsletter series and in this, we’re going to have a chat about the importance of email marketing for business. If you missed the first and second instalments, you can catch up on ‘what is the best free newsletter software’ here and ‘what is a newsletter used for’ here.

What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work?

Lets first start by asking ‘what is email marketing’. Email marketing is a form of communication, carried out by email.

In order to communicate via email, you need to have the recipient’s email address, and you need to have been granted permission to email them.

With GDPR coming into effect in May 2018, this is now even more important than before. (Not sure what GDPR is? Check out this page for the lowdown!)

Email marketing works by sending emails about your products or services to the recipients in the hopes that they will take action on the content you’ve included in the email marketing you send.

How Email Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Not all emails that are sent are the same. Some can be simple inspirational newsletters linking to blog posts or podcast episodes, creating to inspire the recipients. This is still marketing, but it is done in a more ‘value’ based way.

Other forms of email marketing would be when you launch a product or service, and create a series of emails to go out ‘marketing’ that product or service to your email list.

The trust is that not every one will discover your amazing product or service and so in order to engage people and let the world know about what your business offers, you need to focus energy on email marketing in order to grow your small business.

Because with no sales, you have no business, just a hobby.

What Are The Challenges Of Email Marketing?

There are quite a few challenges when it comes to email marketing.

  1. If you have no email subscribers, you have no one to market to, and therefore, no business. So, reverse engineering that, building you email list is an important part of growing your business.
  2. The software used for email marketing can be quite costly as your email list grows. Starting out on a free email service provider is a great way to watch the budget while you build your email list, but it won’t necessarily give you the nicest newsletter sign up forms. (Not sure what an Email Service Provider is? Read this!)
  3. GDPR is a recent legal formality which offers greater protections for residents in the EU. This means that it can feel harder than ever to get those email sign ups, with all the extra hoops we need email subscribers to jump through.
  4. Knowing what to write week after week that keeps your email subscribers engaged can be overwhelming. I myself know that over at The Creative Curator, my email list can sometimes not hear from me for a couple of weeks if I have too much going on over here at Eve Tokens Pinterest Marketing.

Advantages Of Email Marketing

There are some great advantages of email marketing, that really will help grow your small business.

• By email consistently week after week, you’re building up a relationship with your audience. This relationship, over time, can end up being worth a lot for your small business, as once a business has the trust of a customer, that person is more likely to return again and again.

• Having your own email list is a bit like owning your own home. Unlike platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, your email list will always be yours to market to, while other platforms can literally shut you down overnight if they choose to.

• One of the best advantages of email marketing is being able to email your email list directly. This means that there is a greater chance of them seeing the marketing content you’re sending them, essential now that algorithms on social platforms are consistently minimising our reach.

Disadvantages Of Email Marketing

• One of the main disadvantages of email marketing is the building of your email list. It can take time, and feel disheartening when your list grows in single digits week after week.

• Another disadvantage is how much time it can take. Over at The Creative Curator, I created a welcome series, and in that I requested my new subscribers email me with their biggest struggle, and I promised to respond to them. This was great for market research purposes, but ended taking up so much of my time that I grew frustrated and resentful.

• I mentioned this one above in the challenges section, but will repeat it here. Cost can be a huge disadvantage of email marketing. If you’re growing and email list but have yet to offer a service or a product, it can feel like you’re simply throwing money out the door and windows. That can again lead to resenting your business, so be sure to pick the right email responder for your needs. You can always upgrade later remember!

Conclusion: Learn Email Marketing

By now you should realise the importance of email marketing for business. If you’re serious about growing your small business, you are going to have to learn email marketing. There are just too many advantages of email marketing to not learn.

The question you need to ask yourself is:

At the end of the day, do you want your small business to be a small business, or just a hobby?

Next week is the final post in this email marketing / newsletter series. We’ll be looking at how to design an email newsletter, so that you can get a better result from your email marketing strategy!

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