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How To Use Board Lists In Tailwind

Tailwind is my chosen and highly recommended choice when it comes to using a Pinterest scheduling tool. If you’re not a fan of Tailwind, you can check out this post on other options that Pinterest has partnered with, but seriously, Tailwind will make your life so much easier when it comes to marketing your small business using Pinterest.

This is part two in my Tailwind series, and today you’ll learn how to use board lists in Tailwind – and these really do make your Pinterest marketing efforts easier! I promise! (If you missed Part One – How To Set Up A Tailwind Account – head over there first and then come back to this post!)

What Are Tailwind Board Lists?

First up, you’re probably wondering what Tailwind board lists are.

These are lists that you create inside of Tailwind. The lists are made up of boards you have on your Pinterest account, so that you can use them to schedule your content out, faster.

What Kind of Tailwind Boards Lists Can You Have?

The type of lists you create in Tailwind can vary. You could have the lists set up by:

  1. Broad topic
  2. Group board category
  3. Niche categories
  4. Seasonal
  5. Days of the week

For my clients, I set up board lists by broad topic. So, my client Michelle is a social media marketing pro for small ethical business, and I have her board lists set up as:

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Facebook marketing
  3. Instagram marketing
  4. Pinterest marketing
  5. Content marketing

Another client, Lauren, has a super niche Pinterest account, and the board lists I created for her are:

  1. Food photography tutorials
  2. Food styling
  3. Food photography kit

As her Pinterest account is only about teaching food photography, there is no room for really broad Tailwind lists.

For my main site, The Creative Curator, I set up board lists by topic, broken down into three staggered levels:

  1. All boards
  2. Sewing
  3. Pattern making
  4. Fashion design
  5. Sewing inspiration
  6. Fashion inspiration
  7. Sewing patterns
  8. Sustainable fashion
  9. Sewing tutorials
  10. DIY projects
  11. Textiles
  12. Seasonal crafts

And then those are broken down further. It’s an account with almost 70 public boards, so it got a little complex!

Some people create boards lists just for group boards – don’t know what a group board is? Check out this post! – and then schedule a new pin using that specific Tailwind list. It can help to make sure you’re not spamming your group boards!

Creating Your Own Board Lists In Tailwind

If you want to use board lists in Tailwind, you’ll need to create your lists.

To do that, log into your Tailwind account.

Step 1

Navigate to the side panel on the left, and hover over Publisher.


Step 2

Click on Board Lists – you’ll see a star icon next to it!

Clicking on Board lists in Tailwind - how to create board lists in Tailwind.

Step 3

Click the + sign to create a new board list.

Creating a new board list in Tailwind

Step 4

You’ll then see this in the Tailwind Board lists area.

Creating a new board list in Tailwind

Step 5

Click the pencil icon to name the board list.

Top Tip: Name it appropriately, and add the word ‘LIST’ as it can be confusing sometimes when scheduling out content otherwise!

Creating a new board list in Tailwind

Step 6

This is an example of what it will then look like.

Creating a new board list in Tailwind

Step 7

Now add the relevant boards to the board list. As this is a broad board list, I will add the Pinterest Marketing board first, followed by my Pinterest Marketing for Small Businesses, Pinterest Marketing for Bloggers, Pinterest Resources and so on and so forth.

Creating a new board list in Tailwind

How To Use Board Lists In Tailwind: Conclusion

Thats it. Create as many board lists as you think you’ll need.

I recommend starting with ‘broad’ lists first for each of your website topics and then as you get used to using Tailwind, create more ‘niched’ Tailwind board lists.

In the third post in this Tailwind series, I’ll be showing you how to schedule pins with Tailwind, so pop back for that one in a few days!

Tailwind Board Lists Questions?

Do you have questions about how to use board lists in Tailwind? Hit me up in the questions below and I’ll do my best to help you out!

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