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How To Set Up A Tailwind Account In Seven Steps

This tutorial on how to set up a tailwind account is essential reading if you’re a small business owner with limited time on your hands. It is part one in my four part Tailwind series – a series designed to help you get to grips with Tailwind – and it really will help you save time with your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Creating A New Tailwind Account

To get started using Tailwind, you’re going to need to create a new Tailwind account. I’ll give you step by step instructions below on how to set up a Tailwind account, but first, make sure you’re logged into the Pinterest account that you use for your business.


Step 1

Open a new browser winder and type in

Step 2

If you’re not already logged in, log into Pinterest with your email and password for your business account.

Step 3

Open up a new tab in your chosen internet browser.

Step 4

Open up Tailwind. You can do that by clicking here and it will automatically open Tailwind for you – and give you one month free on the plus plan if you sign up for their paid plan later.

Step 5

Tailwind will open a pop up window asking you to authorise their access of your Pinterest account. Say yes. This is why we had to be logged into Pinterest first! 🙂

Step 6

You’ll then be redirected to Tailwind and they will ask you for some details. Input any details they ask for.

Step 7

Tailwind will now walk you through a ‘guided tour’ of how to save and schedule a pin. You can’t actually not view this as they give you no opt out option – I think I’ve seen it about 30 times now with all the client accounts I have managed! – so just click where they tell you to click and get it done with quick! (I’ll have a video tutorial going up shortly to show you more clearly!)

How To Set Up A Tailwind Account: Conclusion

That’s it! Seven simple steps on how to set up a Tailwind account to use for your Pinterest scheduling.  Super important is to save your login information as you’ll need this next time you log in.

Now, pop over to this post to learn about Board Lists inside your Tailwind account.


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