How To Print PDF Patterns On Your Home Printer

This short, 5 minute video tutorial will show you how to print PDF patterns on your home printer, so that they print at the correct scale.

Printing at the correct scale is important, otherwise your PDF sewing patterns will be incorrect and the clothes that you make from them will not end up in the size you think you selected… and that would make for a miserable moment when it comes to trying on your hand sewn clothes!

Printing PDF Patterns On A Home Printer

Many people tell me that they don’t use PDF sewing patterns because they don’t know how to print them on a home printer. So for those people I have created two new blog posts:

This post, with the video tutorial above, showing you how to print PDF patterns on your home printer. This is a screen share of the exact process I use, with Apple Preview on my MacBook Air, and it has never failed me.

And then there is this post too, explaining the steps in text and photos – if you prefer that to video tutorials!

Assembling Your Printed PDF Sewing Patterns

When it comes to assembling your printed PDF patterns, you’ll want to see this post for help!

If you have any questions, please do ask in the comments below!

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