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How I Got 25K Pinterest Followers In Just One Year

How I Got 25K Pinterest Followers In Just One Year

When I first started taking my Pinterest account seriously, I had just about a handful of Pinterest followers. I had used Pinterest sporadically for my own personal use, and the few boards I had created were filled with recipes, photography and fashion. The Pinterest followers I had were a few friends and family.

I had no idea that Pinterest could be used for business and was shocked when someone told me it was a ‘search engine, just like Google but with photos instead of text. #mindblown

Online Research Into Using Pinterest

I did some online research and discovered lots of blog posts about using Pinterest for online business growth, and even a couple of videos on YouTube too. 

I started to implement some of the tips I found online, such as turning my personal Pinterest account into a business account and creating a proper bio that represented just what I did online.


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Initial Pinterest Followers Growth

I saw my Pinterest followers start to grow from that first handful I had in February 2016 to almost 100 over the course of three or four months. I didn’t put much effort in at that point, because I was still planning out and creating my new website, so the growth would have been greater had I spent more time!

Then 16th May 2016 arrived, and I officially launched my site, The Creative Curator. I had been disillusioned with the fashion industry and decided I would blog about all things creative, and that was the starting point of the blog.

It was two months later that I realised I needed a more specific niche, and in fact, once I did decide on a clear niche, my following on Pinterest grew faster. I guess people were no longer feeling confused by #allthethings when they landed on my account profile!

Pinterest Topics

I decided I would focus on all things fashion creation, and started doing some solid research for keywords on my blog topics and on my competitors and it was this that helped me grow my Pinterest followers to almost 1000. I dedicated my boards to specific topics within my chosen niche, wrote keyword reich board descriptions and saw my account grow even further further.

Online Pinterest Courses

I started to take Pinterest more seriously as I was starting to see some great results. An search in some Facebook business groups led me to several Pinterest courses and eBooks, and although a lot of the info I knew already, I did find a few nuggets; such as setting up custom Pinterest reports in my Google Analytics to see which pins were sending me referral traffic!

Using a variety of different strategies – I was constantly bucking the advice and testing my own ideas – saw my Pinterest followers grow to almost 26k, which in turn saw me being accepted onto some rather high profile group boards in my niche.

Group Boards

Boards that I’d previously been rejected for! This then helped me grow the reach of not only the pins of others that I had curated on my boards, but my own pins too which lead back to my website. #winwin

This growth then converted into more website traffic, more email subscribers and of course more buyers… often ‘cold’ too!

(I have since left most group boards I had been collaborating on – and based this decision on the analytics inside my Tailwind dashboard!)

Other Pinterest Growth Strategies

Implementing all the the strategies inside the different online courses and eBooks was a great way to see what worked and what didn’t. There are spikes and drops in my stats based upon the actions I took with my account, which has been great for understanding what does and doesn’t work on Pinterest.

It’s important to note, that when you are ‘testing’ things on your account, that you only switch one thing up at a time, and that you monitor it for at least a few weeks to know whether it is having an impact!

Tweaking and testing my strategy to suit my needs, I have seen some great changes on my account. I have also added in other strategies, specifically more targeted keyword strategies, to bring in more viewers of my Pinterest account from both Pinterest search and Google search too. A double strategy!

Importance of Keyword Research

One thing I have been ore proactive about – and actually use as a starting point for the Pinterest accounts that I set up and manage for clients – is thorough keyword research. Without targeted keyword research for your Pinterest profile, you will not make much of an impression on Pinterest.

I optimised and perfected an account for a food photographer in late March. Her Pinterest account at the time was basic. She had one board, a handful of pins that lead to her own website and nothing else. She needed help, and my system developed over two years, saw her reach 500k monthly impressions on her account less than two months later.

Which translated into website traffic, new email subscribers and of course, new customers for her online course.

Getting Traction With Your Pinterest Account

We all know someone who says that follower count is a vanity metric. And for the most part, perhaps 28k followers is a vanity metric. BUT, with the recent changes implemented by Pinterest, such as the new ‘follower’ feed, I’d put money on followers being a very important part of your Pinterest strategy moving forwards.

And if you don’t have an optimised and perfected Pinterest profile, it will be hard to attract those savvy Pinterest users to your Pinterest account.

Upcoming Bootcamps!

I’ll be starting two Pinterest bootcamps on in fall / autumn 2018 for anyone interested in setting up or optimising their Pinterest account the right way!

Pop over to learn more about my 6 week Start Up Bootcamp option here or you can sign up here if you’d like to work with me on my more advanced 12 week bootcamp!

Let me know in the comments what you struggle with when it comes to growing your website traffic and email list.


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