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If you’ve been hanging around on Pinterest for a while now, you’ve probably realised that time can disappear from your day at a crazy fast rate once you open up the Pinterest App!

One way to get around this as a small business owner – because who here doesn’t want to save time to focus on the more important things in life? – is to use a free Pinterest scheduler.

Now, there are do’s and don’t when it comes to choosing a free Pinterest scheduler.

Pinterest Terms Of Use

Pinterest has strict terms of use, and one of those is that if you are using a scheduler it needs to be an authorised partner. Back in June of 2018, BoardBooster – a tool much loved by many – closed up shop as it wasn’t an officially approved partner, breaking Pinterest terms of service for those Pinterest accounts that used it. Accounts using BoardBooster were being shut down faster than I could drink a cup of coffee.

I loved BoardBooster for it’s looping function, and when it started emerging that accounts using it were being marked as spam, I terminated my subscription, and those of my clients too. It just wasn’t worth the risk continuing to use it.

This effectively ended all activity on my own account as I had client accounts to manage completely manually at that point. This meant I did see a drop in Pinterest referral traffic over at my main site The Creative Curator. Thankfully, I had developed a system by then that I was experimenting with and I was able to get that drop back up to normal relatively quickly.

My Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Partners

Pinterest actually has a list of 63 partners that are ‘official’. That’s a lot of sorting for you to do, which I suspect you probably don’t have the time (or inclination) for.

As this list is vast, and there are different free Pinterest schedulers with different free limits, I’m sharing with you my top five free Pinterest scheduling tools, that I know and have used – or have come highly recommended by other Pinterest marketing pros.

Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase at no further cost to you.


1. Tailwind

This is the Pinterest scheduling tool that I use and love. I’ve had it since November 2017 and absolutely wouldn’t be without it now. I even insist that my clients have an account as it makes scheduling content for Pinterest so much faster. As well as that, it is the only Pinterest scheduling tool that I ever share an affiliate link for, as I think it is the best out there!

I love setting up and using board lists as this really helps me to get cycle new pins to all relevant boards in a non-spammy way. Lists make using Tailwind faster, which makes using Pinterest faster. Win-win!

Although Tailwind isn’t strictly a free Pinterest scheduler, they do have a starting account of 100 pins for free, so that you can play around with it and test it out.

I’ll be adding some Tailwind specific posts over the next two weeks, so stay tuned for those if you decide to try Pinterest out. You can grab that first 100 pins by clicking here!

2. Buffer

Buffer is a tool that one of my biz besties swears by. Again, it isn’t a free Pinterest scheduler as those are hard to come by as completely free, but it does have a free 7 day trial for testing out how the system works for Pinterest. After that you’ll want the Pro plan which currently costs $15 a month in order to use Pinterest as one of your ‘social’ networks.

I’ve tested it and although the interface is nice, it isn’t as intuitive as Tailwind, and it does only allow you to have 100 posts at a time scheduled for Pinterest. For me, this is a deal breaker, because of the strategies I use. 100 pins is a week’s worth of content, and I don’t need to be sitting down week after week to schedule content.

3. Later

Later is a great tool for Instagram, and now schedules to Pinterest too. In fact, Later actually does count as a free Pinterest scheduler, as they give you access to Pinterest on their free forever plan, something that Buffer, Hootsuite and Viral tag don’t do.

You can create up to 30 posts per month for one social profile, and even though Pinterest isn’t a ‘social’ platform, it is still included for free Pinterest scheduling! Boom!

I should point out however than one post per day to Pinterest is not going to see a huge increase in your Pinterest marketing strategy. But, if you really are sticking to free Pinterest scheduling tools for now, Later will let you get started. 

4. Hootsuite

Next up is in my fourth spot is Hootsuite. The reason being, Hootsuite is another tool that does give you limited plan of 30 posts over three social profiles.. That said, if you want to use it for Pinterest, you will require access to an expensive plan after a 30 day trial.

That plan? Either £40 per month, or £300 per year.

If you plan to use it for other ‘social’ profiles, it may be  great price for you as you then get Pinterest scheduling built in. But, I’d rather stick to Tailwind for $140 per year, and continue to schedule my content to Facebook and Twitter within the platforms.

If you’re keen to try out Hootsuite, you can do so here!

5. ViralTag

Now, ViralTag is new to the Pinterest Marketing Partners list. It will give you 14 days free access trial to test out free Pinterest scheduling, but after those 14 days, you’ll have to commit to a $29 per month plan to continue using it. For me, that’s daft, as I get Tailwind for half that.

ViralTag also has analytics, but these are nothing like the analytics you get with Tailwind on the plus plan, which is half the price.

If you’d like to test out ViralTag, you can sign up here for the free Pinterest scheduling trial.

Free Pinterest Scheduling Tools Conclusion

That’s it folks! My top five free Pinterest scheduling tools that are officially affiliated as market partners by Pinterest.

If you’re insistent on not paying for a tool, and need a free Pinterest scheduling tool, you’ll want to go with Later. You will only get to schedule one post per day to Pinterest, so it isn’t really going to work to save you time, or help you strategically grow your Pinterest marketing efforts.

If you are interested in adding other social profiles and manage them all from the same tool, you’ll probably be good to go with Buffer. For what it does, at $15 per month, it’s a good deal. But, as you are limited to only 100 posts being scheduled out, you will need to pop in weekly to schedule out your content.

The clear winner in my eyes is Tailwind. Using the interval settings I can send out one pin to multiple relevant boards at a fixed number of days apart. I have a great system that works consistently with Tailwind, and it means I can have as many as 300 pins scheduled out within one session that month.

If I need to, I can then go in and top those up with new fresh content too.

For $14.99 a month, Tailwind is a winner for me, and I’ll be sticking with it for good. (<– You can get started with 100 free pins using this link!)

Upcoming Posts

If you end up signing up for Tailwind, you’ll find my upcoming series of posts super helpful for setting up Tailwind properly and getting the most out of a paid Tailwind account.

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2. How To Use Board Lists In Tailwind: Seven Steps

3. How To Schedule a Pin Using Tailwind (29th October 2018)

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