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Pinterest Business Account: For Small Business Owners

Pinterest Business Account for Small Business Owners

Lets talk about creating a Pinterest business account for small business owners. Small business owners are typically a bit like me – a one person enterprise.

You have a small business, which was possibly born from not enjoying the traditional concept of a workplace, and you probably thought that by running your own business, you would be able to set your own timetable, and work when or where you wanted.

Which in theory gives you more time with your family, with your friends or even just enjoying the hobbies that you love.

The teeny tiny problem with this is that we small business owners try to do #allthethings and forget that 24 hours in the day just isn’t long enough to get it all done. So it ends up being the family time, the time with friends, and the hobbies we love, that suffer.

Create a Pinterest Business Account - Eve Tokens - Pinterest Marketing


Using Pinterest To Save Time

You may scoff when reading this, but I speak the truth. Pinterest, that ‘social media website’ people mention now and again to you, is actually a HUGE search engine, and will save you time if you learn to utilise it correctly to build your online presence.

Yep… I did say that…

It will SAVE you time!


Pinterest The Problem Solver

Because it is a search engine, people head to Pinterest to find answers. Answers to the problems that they have. Much like how they turn to Google, there is a growing population of people using Pinterest in the same way.

In January 2018, Pinterest had 175 million active monthly users. That my friend, is a lot of people actively using one search engine.

Over 5% of all referral traffic to websites is from… Pinterest!

Yep. In order of referral traffic:

  • Search Engines
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

And as Facebook’s share of referrals dwindles, Pinterest’s share is rising.

The most important number for us though, as Pinterest business account owners is:

87% of pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest.

And I myself know from the emails that I receive from my readers that the majority of them find me after a search on Pinterest.

Setting Up A Pinterest Business Account

If you’re excited by the possibilities Pinterest offers you, the small business owner, I have put together my six step plan for you below, to use as a guide when starting your own Pinterest Business account.

This is the system I use to set up Pinterest Accounts for clients.

Do remember this though; although Pinterest will work for you set up with just the basics, it does pay to invest some time in setting it up properly for maximum impact, so that it requires less time from you moving forward.

‘Cos at the end of the day, we all want to be saving us some time right?

1. Pinterest Purpose

The first thing to know when starting a Pinterest business account is that you need to know your purpose. Sound woowoo? It isn’t, I promise you!

Knowing why you want to use Pinterest is an important step in setting up your Pinterest strategy the right way, so that you get the best results for your small business. 

Possible reasons might be:

  • Wanting to increase your business’s online profile locally
  • Being more visible worldwide as an online small business
  • Targeting a certain audience that you know uses Pinterest
  • More website traffic that you can convert into customers

Knowing your ‘Pinterest Why’ helps us work out your Pinterest business strategy.

2. Audience

Next, you need to know your audience. And for this I recommend being a little more specific than just an age range! 

Questions you need to consider when learning about and understanding your audience on Pinterest are:

  • What age range are your usual customers?
  • What do they search for when finding your small business elsewhere online?

The answers to these questions can be found in your Google Analytics account if you have it installed on your website.

3. Niche

We then need to know your niche. What do I mean by this? Optimising your Pinterest Business account for your niche, so that only the people you want to attract find you on Pinterest.

I use several tools to really understand what my niche looks like for my Pinterest strategy:

  • Pinterest keyword finder
  • Pinterest analytics
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SemRush
  • Buzzsumo

Now, don’t be put off by these! You do not need a paid subscription to any of them, in order to use them.

They all have free options available, and are super useful for finding out the keywords you need to use as part of your Pinterest business strategy. 

Because, Pinterest is all about keywords my friend!

The easiest one to get started with is the Pinterest keyword finder tool within the Pinterest Ads area. This tool is only available to business accounts, and will give you an idea of how many monthly searches keyword terms get, which will help you plan your Pinterest boards, descriptions and actual content too!

Here are a few examples:

For my Pinterest strategy business – this website you’re on now – a great keyword to add to my Pinterest strategy is ‘How to use Pinterest’ which gets 5+ million searches per month.

Pinterest Business Account Set Up - Eve Tokens - Pinterest Marketing

For a sustainability business, ‘sustainability ideas’ would work well with 5+ million monthly searches.

Pinterest Business Account Set Up - Eve Tokens - Pinterest Marketing

For a London based business teaching in-person craft courses, ‘DIY projects’ would be a great 5+ monthly search term to use strategically.

Pinterest Business Account Set Up - Eve Tokens - Pinterest Marketing

And for a marketing consultant looking to reach more small businesses to work with, using the keyword ‘content marketing strategy’ strategically on Pinterest will make her more visible in the 2-3M monthly searches for that term!

Pinterest Business Account Set Up - Eve Tokens - Pinterest Marketing

Google Keyword Planner, SemRush and BuzzSumo will also help find similar searches for terms that will help you plan your Pinterest strategy. If you’d like to learn more about using these tools strategically to help set up a perfectly optimised Pinterest Business profile, sign up as a Bootcamp VIP below!

4. Competition

When it comes to understanding your competition, what we REALLY want to ask is ‘how are they failing at Pinterest?’

This means taking a look at what are they doing well with their accounts, and what they are missing, so that we can scooch in and grab those Pinterest searchers!

A client I audited in January was then in a better position to set her account above the competition, and pull in an audience desperate for higher quality information on making stained glass windows, by creating boards – and content – that her competitors hadn’t.

If we hadn’t taken a closer look at the competition we wouldn’t have seen what they were doing wrong. 

You can find your competitors directly within Pinterest with careful research, but also using Buzz Sumo and Semrush too!

5. Authority

When it comes to building authority on Pinterest, you need to be curating and creating content. What do I mean by this?


This is the art of finding content your audience would like to see more of. It needs to be high quality, and not spammy. Because your followers will desert you, and Pinterest will minimise your account’s visibility.

You can curate content by manually pinning from other websites you like to follow, from accounts in your niche who put out good content, and from the Pinterest recommended and following areas.

Curating content strategically on Pinterest will work to build your authority with your audience. You’ll look like a rockstar in your niche for being super helpful!


This is the more time consuming aspect of having a Pinterest profile.

  1. To get people to click through to your website, you need to create content that encourages them to click. 
  2. You’ll need good quality photos to use as pins. These need to relate to the website page they link to, so that your audience doesn’t feel scammed by visiting a page that is unrelated. That’s a sure fire way to lose authority!
  3. If you sell products, you’ll want to create lifestyle shots of your products in a setting to help the Pinterest user see how your products will benefit them.
  4. And if you sell services you’ll want some articles on your site that will help your audience, and then create visual images to entice them to click through.

Here’s an example of pins I created to draw Pinterest searchers to various in-person workshops in London, UK.

The Goodlife Centre Pin Style - Eve Tokens

And here are pins I created to entice Pinterest searchers to learn more about my other website The Creative Curator.

The Creative Curator Pin Styles - Eve Tokens - Pinterest Strategy


6. Time

Time. That thing we would all love more of when it comes to our life, and our small business!

One thing I can promise you, is that setting up your Pinterest business account strategically from the start will save you time.

When you have a Pinterest account set up and working for you, it will work to bring people to your website. You can be sleeping, and have a pin go ‘viral’, bringing in anything from a handful of visitors, to thousands, in just one day. 

Images you create and save to Pinterest will stay there. They will sit nice and comfy on your Pinterest account, perfectly created with great keywords, just waiting for a Pinterest searcher to find them. And when a searcher sees it, reads it, saves it, it has the chance to be seen and clicked again and again, spreading out like a beautiful virus across the world. 

This could happen the day you save it to your Pinterest profile, three months down the line, or even a year or two later. There is no way of knowing when an image created by you, and leading back to your website, will take off and bring lots of ideal customers to your website.

I use a Spreadsheet for tracking my pins – and all my clients too for that matter – and Tailwind to help me schedule content each week.

What does Tailwind do?

Take a guess…

It saves me so much time!

You can grab two months free access to Tailwind by signing up for a paid plan through this (affiliate) link before June 17th.

And if you’d like to hear more about my 6 week bootcamp where I guide you through the set up of a perfect Pinterest business account, register as a VIP below.




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