• Pinterest Explained: Your Pinterest Profile Is A House!

    So, something I get asked often when chatting to my Pinterest management clients is the following: please explain Pinterest to me, in a way that I can understand. With that in mind, I thought I’d share my Pinterest analogy with you, because, it really does help people understand how Pinterest works! 🙂 Pinterest Explained: Your […]

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  • Pinterest: An A to Z on How Pinterest Works. If you're looking for a Pinterest explained guide, you're in the right place!

    Pinterest: A to Z On How Pinterest Works!

    Pinterest: A to Z On How Pinterest Works! There are so many things to think about when it comes to using Pinterest, that I thought I’d take a moment to create an A to Z of how Pinterest works. Because not everyone is fluent in the Pinterest language, and sometimes it can get just a […]

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  • Do you want to know how to use board lists in Tailwind? This step by step tutorial will show you how!

    How To Use Board Lists In Tailwind: Seven Steps

    How To Use Board Lists In Tailwind Tailwind is my chosen and highly recommended choice when it comes to using a Pinterest scheduling tool. If you’re not a fan of Tailwind, you can check out this post on other options that Pinterest has partnered with, but seriously, Tailwind will make your life so much easier […]

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  • How to set up a Tailwind account in just seven steps!

    How To Set Up A Tailwind Account In Seven Steps

    How To Set Up A Tailwind Account In Seven Steps This tutorial on how to set up a tailwind account is essential reading if you’re a small business owner with limited time on your hands. It is part one in my four part Tailwind series – a series designed to help you get to grips with […]

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  • My top 5 free Pinterest schedulers are great to tools for any small business owner wanting to improve their Pinterest marketing strategy in less time!

    Free Pinterest Scheduler: Who Made My Top Five?

    If you’ve been hanging around on Pinterest for a while now, you’ve probably realised that time can disappear from your day at a crazy fast rate once you open up the Pinterest App! One way to get around this as a small business owner – because who here doesn’t want to save time to focus […]

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  • Using the Pinterest search bar will take you into Pinterest's guided search. This is essentially a page of search results based on your key search term, but with additional search tiles underneath.

    Pinterest Search Bar: The Essence Of A Search Engine

    Pinterest Search Bar: Proof That Pinterest Is A Search Engine! Some of you have heard of Pinterest, and that it can help you grow your business’s website traffic. Many of you have probably read online in Facebook groups or LinkedIn updates that Pinterest is a form of social media that should be included in your […]

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  • Should you invest in Pinterest marketing courses? And what should you be looking for when thinking about a Pinterest course?

    Pinterest Marketing Course: Should You Invest In One?

    A Pinterest marketing course can be a great investment if you are a small business owner. Why? Well, Pinterest is a great way to get free, organic traffic to your website, and knowing how to get ‘targeted’ traffic from Pinterest is key. It’s not a case of popping an image and a link onto Pinterest […]

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  • What is a Pinterest group board? And do Pinterest group boards still work for a Pinterest marketing strategy?

    What Is A Pinterest Group Board?

    What Is A Pinterest Group Board? A Pinterest group board is a board that has been created by one person, and then collaborators are added to the board so that they can add content to the Pinterest board too. It is said that Pinterest created this type of board to enable people to collaborate on […]

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  • What are Pinterest communities, and should you start one for your Pinterest account?

    What Are Pinterest Communities?

    If you’re like me, and a bit of a Pinterest geek, you may have seen a lot of chatter online about something new on Pinterest: Pinterest Communities!   Pinterest Group Boards For some time now, people in the online space – think bloggers and small online business owners – have been using group boards in […]

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  • How to get followers on Pinterest - increase your Pinterest followers with these five steps!

    5 Tips: How To Get Followers On Pinterest

    Are you left wondering how to get followers on Pinterest since the recent reintroduction of the following feed on Pinterest? When it comes to your Pinterest account, you will now need to actively work on growing your Pinterest followers. However… Let me be clear. Pinterest followers that you do gather will need to be the […]

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  • Seven reasons to outsource your pinterest management - essential reading for the small business owner.

    Seven Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Pinterest Management

    Seven Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Pinterest Management When it comes to bringing in the organic traffic from Pinterest, you’re looking at the long game. Pinterest will no longer work with a set it and leave it strategy, which means it may be in your best interests as a small business owner to outsource […]

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  • Create a Pinterest Business Account - Eve Tokens - Pinterest Marketing

    Pinterest Business Account: For Small Business Owners

    Pinterest Business Account for Small Business Owners Lets talk about creating a Pinterest business account for small business owners. Small business owners are typically a bit like me – a one person enterprise. You have a small business, which was possibly born from not enjoying the traditional concept of a workplace, and you probably thought […]

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  • The importance of email marketing for business - does email marketing really make a difference to your small business growth?

    Importance Of Email Marketing For Business

    Importance Of Email Marketing For Business This is post no.3 in my newsletter series and in this, we’re going to have a chat about the importance of email marketing for business. If you missed the first and second instalments, you can catch up on ‘what is the best free newsletter software’ here and ‘what is […]

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  • What is a newsletter used for? And can it really help you grow your small business?

    What Is A Newsletter Used For?

    What Is A Newsletter Used For? Last week we started this email newsletter series by looking at the best free newsletter services available to small business owners on a budget. Today, we’re going to look at just what a newsletter is used for. Newsletters. We all get them in our email inbox. Usually on a […]

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  • What is the best free newsletter software for small business owners starting on a budget?

    What Is The Best Free Newsletter Software?

    Best Free Newsletter Software If you want to know what the best free newsletter software is for small business owners, you’re in the right place, for when it comes to choosing a free newsletter software provider, you have a variety of options. Before you decide on a newsletter software provider though, you need to think […]

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  • What is an email service provider? Do you even need an email provider for your small business? How can en email service provider help with email marketing?

    What Is An Email Service Provider? And Do You Really Need One?

    What is an Email Service Provider? Today we’re going to take a looksy at what is an Email Service Provider. When I was first getting started on the internet back in 2003, I only knew of Mailchimp. And in all honestly, that original account probably still exists somewhere! Yet today – over 14 years on […]

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  • Click to learn how I grew my Pinterest followers to 25k in just one year! - Pinterest marketing for small businesses!

    How I Got 25K Pinterest Followers In Just One Year

    How I Got 25K Pinterest Followers In Just One Year When I first started taking my Pinterest account seriously, I had just about a handful of Pinterest followers. I had used Pinterest sporadically for my own personal use, and the few boards I had created were filled with recipes, photography and fashion. The Pinterest followers […]

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